Travelogue: Acheh 2017

So we went to Acheh early this month purposely for our anniversary but husband said it was more like school trip. Well, most probably because Acheh is rich of interesting histories and facts; be it from their background or the 2004’s tsunami.

1) What to see

As we only had 3 full days, we basically spent 2 days in Banda Aceh and 1 day in Sabang. Most of the places we visited in Banda Aceh were tsunami remains and a museum of Acheh.

Aceh Tsunami Museum

Acheh Tsunami Museum is basically the summary of the tsunami happened back then in 2004. I totally love the architecture, very modern and pretty – only that it contains sad story of the country. Total of 240,000+ deceased (many more went missing).

PLTD Apung I

This ship was pushed 5km to land at Punge Blang Cut Village during the tsunami. Approximate 68 were killed.

Grand Mosque BaiturRahman

Kubah Masjid @ Desa Gurah

The dome was pushed away 5km from its original place. Only the dome remains, the base probably destroyed by tsunami. The village where it landed supposedly the safest place since it is surrounded by 3 mountains; was totally destroyed. Only 10% or less survived.

Titik Nol, Sabang

The northernmost and westernmost point of Indonesia.

Gapang Beach, Sabang

Turkey Red Crescent Village, Lampuuk

Lampuuk Beach

Rumoh Acheh


Snorkeling @ Rubiah Beach, Sabang

2) Accommodation


Hotel Rumoh PMI, Banda Aceh

Our guide said that they didn’t recommend this hotel due to some bad experiences of others. But personally my experience was pleasant enough so… It was very basic, not a 5-star obviously but we were out most of the time anyway, so the place was just for sleeping.

Freddies Sumur Tiga, Sabang

View from our balcony

Sunrise @ Freddies


3) Costing (for 2pax)

  1. Flights = RM 742.16 (AirAsia)
  2. Transportation =
    • ERL = RM 37.60
    • Parking Putrajaya Sentral = RM 24.00
    • Ferries = IDR 320,000
  3. Accommodation =
    • Hotel Rumoh PMI (2 nights) = IDR 520,000
    • Freddies Sumur Tiga, Sabang = IDR 366,955
  4. Foods = IDR 837,400
  5. Tour guide (supir) = IDR 2,100,000
  6. Misc =
    • Snorkeling = IDR 480,000
    • Entry tickets = IDR 14,000
    • Simcard (4GB) = IDR 78,000
    • Souvenirs = IDR 613,000
    • Porter = IDR 5,000
    • Others  = IDR 10,000

TOTAL = RM 803.76 + IDR 5,340,355 (~RM 1778.95) = RM 2582.71

4) Side notes:

  • I snorkeled first time in my life haha! It was fun but since I am never that fond of water, I only managed to last 1.5 hours (long enough for me).
  • Most of the Acheh men smoke. And they smoke a lot. It does bother me especially you know at the restaurant and all, but maybe it is in the culture…
  • Before Friday prayer is a time-out. Every activities are to be done after prayer. I remember we went to Sabang on Friday and snorkeling can only be done after the prayer. We actually visited Titik Nol at the time and wanted to eat rojak; the kedai is opened but the makcik refused to serve us haha!
  • If you are muslims, prepare some money for infaqs. There’ll be a lot of them. Niat baik-baik and I’d say give moderately la kot.
  • Acheh specialty is kopi acheh. Ada satu part of Acheh yang macam Cameron; but instead of tea, theirs is coffee and apple.
  • Some Acheh food yang sempat makan: ayam tangkap; kari itik, sate kurita (sabang)

ayam tangkap & kari itik


All in all, Acheh was good Alhamdulillah. Banyak sejarah and selain tsunami tu Acheh memang lah banyak sejarah islam and since kita serumpun, most of the time sangat boleh relate and rasa sangat dekat di hati. And actually baru first time tahu yang one of their sultan is actually our very own anak pahang. Acheh negara yang sangat banyak pejuang and even sampai sekarang diorang masih berjuang.

I especially like bila supir tu cakap ” Saya bangga jadi orang Acheh” dengan sangat proud. I wonder if I can ever say that about my country (you know, selain pasal the great food varieties we have)..


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